Sari Doveh - Multimedia Artist

Photographer, Painter, Designer, Writer

My art is the sum-total of me – a trinity that is equal parts woman, mother and Israeli.  It is my hope that those who look at my work will come away with a greater understanding of my world as well as their own.

I began my art and literature studies at the University of Haifa and completed my Masters of Arts in the United States.

Moving to Toronto, Canada upon graduation I was in charge of the creative department of a publishing company I co-founded. Years later,  when returning to Israel I also served as the creative director of my advertising agency in Haifa.

My artistic journey began as a sketch artist using both graphite and colored pencils. Acrylic painting came later,  photography next. Working as an Israeli photojournalist, for a newspaper and a magazine, I documented people and events as I do to this day in my art.

I explore and document my world via abstraction and my personal poetry of light using a variety of motifs. This allows me to create new sensations from the familiar, banal and sometimes unnoticed.

As my family owns a metal factory I got a glimpse into this unique world which I can explore. Marking those intriguing colors and figures of the industrial and the metallic world, that was infused into my existence.

I love to document the magical moments, roads and landscapes of my daily life whether it be urban street photography, the industrial or just the fantasy life where sometimes I am the model. All of these are where I take the opportunity to look deep inside myself to craft a mirror of my inner woman in search of a touch, a feeling or a mood. I often do this using an abstract approach.

In my photography I primarily use a 400 and 550 Canon camera. When painting I use acrylic colors, but sometimes water color pencils do find their way into my work. A photograph can occasionally become a canvas and I will process it in Photoshop or will add paint on to it. At other times I will infuse text or original poetry.

Each piece that I create reflects an intense grid of thought balanced with color and composition that sometimes hints of the untamed or humorous.

Photo above : Self Portrait


Post Cards from Haifa –  photographs, Beit Halochem Haifa 27.3-30.4.2015. 
Vanilla Sex 2011 –  photographs, Rugine Gallery, Tel Aviv.
Eutopia 2010 – photographs, Luxembourg.
Summer – photographs, Qazrin Street Museum.
Road to Nowhere – poems and photographs, Mandarin Gallery Café, Haifa.
Love Stains – prints and photographs, Gallery Café Benenu, Haifa.
Corners Awaiting – abstract painting, T.L. Gallery Toronto, Canada.
Identity – photographs, The Borochov Studio, Tel Aviv.
Israel – photographs, Windsor JCC., Windsor, Canada.
Woman – etchings, Zefat Printing Museum.

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